Our most powerful oil has double the potency without being double the cost!
Twice To Be Precise - This mountainous tincture boasts peak numbers while maintaining affordability. We’ve elevated performance to quadruple digits to help our customers combat their worst afflictions. Such a magnificent product can only come from nälalabs.


Relieve trouble areas on contact with our Hemp Intensive Relief Rub With Exotic Emu Oil.
Targeted Healing - This calming blend of relieving ingredients works by delivering CBD beneath the skin to help soothe your muscles and joints. Integrated with 150mg pure CBD and 10% emu oil is a natural serum designed to absorb completely.


Convenience, potency, and deliciousness all combined in a chewy gummy!
Daily Deliciousness - You can get an effective dose of CBD in an edible that you’ll crave! Nothing matches the convenience or the taste of our CBD Cubes. Unlike other edibles, our cubes are certified to have 500mg CBD per container without a bitter aftertaste.


For fast and effective relief, our pure CBD oil line is a necessity for at-home health.
Rapid Relief - Nothing is more powerful, and nothing works faster than our concentrated CBD oils. You can apply under your tongue to bypass your digestive system to feel results almost instantly. For industry-leading quality, you can rely on nälalabs.


The world-famous taste and texture of our CBD Cubes just got more exciting!
CBDelicious! - Because our customers love the taste and texture of our CBD Cubes, we decided to increase the value and potency of our containers with our new 750mg CBD Cubes. Now it’s even easier to make CBD a part of your daily routine!